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We areProfessional team ofDigital Transformation.


We, as the team of MU ...

As a business partner supporting the enhancement of our clients' corporate value and market competitiveness, we serve as a Business Partner in the Australia(Oceania) region and English-speaking markets, delivering Japan-quality services from a Japanese company.

Company Info
  • Solutions
    to improve ROI
  • Building a platform connecting the past
    to the future
  • Constructing flexible solutions to society and the market
  • We are here to assist your businessto be flourished

Core Value

  • Digital Solutions

    Being sensitive to changes in digital technologies accompanying market shifts and technological innovations

  • The Fusion of Flexible Thinking and Digital Technologies

    We are a group of specialists who embrace flexible thinking,
    for there are no limits to digital technological innovations aimed at the future,
    nor are there limits to the solutions that leverage them.

  • Client Perspective and
    Market Needs

    A client-centric team of digital transformation experts.
    Delivering digital solutions and quality that meet our clients' expectations, we create new value through innovation.

Our Business

  • DX (Digital Transformation)
    Promotion Business

  • Marketing Support

    Website planning/Management & Web marketing

  • Design Production 

    Web design (Homepage/E-commerce site/
    Portal site/UI & UX design/Banners)
    Branding (Logo & Logotype)
    Marketing tools (Catalogs & Flyers)

  • System Development

    Website Production and Management
    (Homepage/E-commerce site/Portal site)
    Application development

  • In-house Product Development & Sales

  • Other Production Support Services

    (Model introduction / Photography / Video production)


  • For"Sanyo Trading" (Website)

  • For"TIS" (Paycierge)

  • For"SmartPlus" (DX Promotion)

  • For"Shonan Seminar" (DX Promotion)

  • For"Kanagawa Housing Preservation Cooperative Association" (DX Promotion)

  • For"Junior High Entrance Exam Lab" (Website production for new business development)

  • For"Yuraku Confectionery" (Website)

  • For"Mococa Consulting" (Website)

  • DXportal®(In-house media)

  • For"Cram School, Nagashima" (Landing Page)

  • For"TOTOYA GEN" (Website)

  • Cha-chatbot ®︎(In-house Developed Chatbot)

  • For"Kashima Art" (Website maintenance management)

  • For"Nagatsuta Aoba Orthodontics" (Website)

  • For"Cram School Nagashima" (Customer attraction website + EC)

Certification and Awards

  • Certified as "IT Implementation Support Business" under IT implementation subsidy policy 2024 in, a Japanese goverment policy to promote Digital Transformation of the industry.

  • Received 
    "Award of Excellence / IT Coordinators Association Chairman's Award" at ITC CONFERENCE 2021 in Japan

    Our DX promotion efforts have been recognized with an award in Japan

    ※ITCA (IT Coordinators Association) is a promotion organization established in February 2001, in Japan

  • DXportal®, a portal site developed & operated by MU, received a Trademark Registration (No. 6366444)

    DXportal® has solidified its standing as the preeminent portal site dedicated to Digital Transformation,
    a subject of paramount importance in contemporary discourse, garnering extensive coverage
    through numerous interviews across various media outlets.

  • Received "2020 OKAYAMA IT Management Power Award Special Prize" in Japan

    Joint development project with "Sanyo Road Industry"


  • Our service, "Cha-chat bot" was featured in "Sankei Digital", a Japanese press. Please click here for details.

  • Our service "Cha-chat Bot" was featured in the April 2024 issue of  "Zeikai Times", a Japanese press. For more details, please refer to the article.

  • *IT implementation subsidy policy in Japan, is limited to Japanese businesses only.


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